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OK .. this is very weird I just wrote an entire post, and pressed Save, and then bham nothing got saved so, I have to rewrite the post now .. 😦 .. very weird that something like this happened ..

I just switched themes, I really loved “Neat”, but couldn’t resist the new theme that has been added, “Contempt”. Its almost too perfect for words. Its sleek, elegant, professional, and simple .. only complaints obviously is that I have to stick with the color it comes with.

It would be really kick-ass if users were able to edit the stylesheet for their blog, it would allow so much more flexibility in terms of how you want the blog to look like .. lets hope one of the admins reads this post .. 🙂

It has been quiet on WP development side of my life, have some other pressing issues that need attention asap. But I did help out Ju1ie yesterday. There was some trouble with user regsitration and password emails not being sent out. But it turned out it wasn’t WP’s fault, but some server issue or misconfiguration, but we got that resolved now. Which got me featured as a “Life Saver” in a post ‘dedicated’ to me .. alright alright I won’t gloat to much over it .. and YES I am a modest person .. 😀


Hanging around the WP support forum has been pretty cool in many different ways. For one, I guess you never stop learning :), and secondly you get to see how varied the support issues are, from bug notifications to theme problems.

Lately I have been thinking quite a lot about the concept of plugins. But the fact of the matter is not everyone wants the same plugin functionality, even if they do, they want it to be customizable to “their” WP. This is where the disadvantages start kicking in, obviously to make a plugin highly flexible and entirely customizable is not that simple.

I am more accustomed to modifying the core itself according to the requirements. This offers some advantages although there are a few sore points that stand out. For one, the issue of customization is not that serious anymore, since you are already hacking into the core code, customizing should be simple enough given the grasp of the technical stuff or at least an exact set of instructions on how to do something should suffice.

Obviously, core upgrade is a huge problem, but then this happens to a certain extent with plugins as well, as evident with the release of WP 2.0. But on the brighter side, if you have already done “stuff” to your core, you should know enough to make the appropriate changes again.

Another advantage with modifying the core is that you are not limited by say Template Tags or specific function calls, you can do what you want, how you want it. This appeals to me more, simply because I have control over every aspect of the code and what it does. This stands out extremely well with the Template Tags, there are a gazillion ways that users want something to work. Now the Template Tags concept is highly flexible, but still there are many requests for something out of the framework. When I see such requests, its frustrating in a way because, the requirements are sometimes very simple, and might need changing a line or two of the core to obtain the expected results but there is no way to implement the functionality in terms of Template tags.

There are obviously more aspects that I am outlining to this issue, but in the end I guess the ultimate factor is how comfortable you are doing/using either of the method. I have cut down on hacking the core nowadays if I need something done, but the temptation does occur when I know that I could get it done in no time hacking the core, but will need more time in terms of development or customization if I were to count in “re-usability”.

There is also the other factor of how much fun it is to write/modify code 😀 .. that does add more weight to hacking rather than obtaining say a plugin and changing some configuration values .. (bleeecchh) …

Long time since I could have more than a couple of hours at a stretch on the internet, since I had to move apartment right on New Years Eve .. talk about bad timing huh .. 😀

Following up on my last post about valid XHTML and CSS for WordPress blogs, I figured the only way this could be really “forced” is to make sure the blog admin is notified immediately when a post or what not mucks up the code ..

So I decided to start writing a plug-in that will automatically check the blog for valid code as soon as any new action is triggered. Right now the most important seem to be post publish, page publish, and perhaps comments .. if the plug-in were to check the validity everytime one of these happened, the code should stay valid if it were to start as such.

This is going to be my first WordPress Plug-in .. lets see how it goes .. if anyone does read this post .. Wish me luck 🙂