OK .. this is very weird I just wrote an entire post, and pressed Save, and then bham nothing got saved so, I have to rewrite the post now .. šŸ˜¦ .. very weird that something like this happened ..

I just switched themes, I really loved “Neat”, but couldn’t resist the new theme that has been added, “Contempt”. Its almost too perfect for words. Its sleek, elegant, professional, and simple .. only complaints obviously is that I have to stick with the color it comes with.

It would be really kick-ass if users were able to edit the stylesheet for their blog, it would allow so much more flexibility in terms of how you want the blog to look like .. lets hope one of the admins reads this post .. šŸ™‚

It has been quiet on WP development side of my life, have some other pressing issues that need attention asap. But I did help out Ju1ie yesterday. There was some trouble with user regsitration and password emails not being sent out. But it turned out it wasn’t WP’s fault, but some server issue or misconfiguration, but we got that resolved now. Which got me featured as a “Life Saver” in a post ‘dedicated’ to me .. alright alright I won’t gloat to much over it .. and YES I am a modest person .. šŸ˜€