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I got a chance to write my first WordPress Plugin, but as the title suggests, only sort of a psuedo plugin.

I had this request for a Random Post plugin mod, the original is written by Skippy, but unfortunately for some reason I couldn’t get it working the way the person wanted it to. So I went in and practically re-wrote most of the code to get it working.

I am still stuck on two other plugins that I started working on .. hopefully the time will arrive soon when they are ready to roll out ..

Been quite a hectic week apart from that, quite a lot of WordPress work actually. Did 2 theme ports, and one of them was a real good one too, sort of made me proud to get it working exactly like the website design that I was provided with. 🙂 The layout itself was quite a mess in the original design, a lot of tables and stuff .. but I “worked” my magic, lo and behold, Valid WordPress Theme was the result ..

Waiting to hear on another WordPress theme job, hopefully it gets thrown my way as well, only time will tell ..