It’s been a long time since I posted .. more than two months to be accurate considering that my last post is dated Feb. 6 ..

Oh well, I had to go back home to attend to some matters and make up my mind on a couple of other things. I had to make some important decisions about my future, and fortunately that did go quite ok ..

I have finally decided that its no longer any use to try study full time and at the same time work as a freelancer to support myself, because it just seems that I end up missing out on one of them invariably.

So I have taken the plunge and decided that studying is going to have to be stopped for sometime at least, I am not really the kind to make myself promise that I will study again later and what not .. so if it happens, we will see ..

So now I am frantically job hunting, pretty much everywhere too .. well technically mainly the US, Canada and the UK .. why, because English is the primary language. I am sort of getting tired of going place where English is not the official language and the need to learn a new language altogether just to get a decent part-time job if the need arose ..

So if anyone see’s this post, and knows of any job vacancies for PHP or Python programmers especially in the US or UK, please do drop me a line, I would greatly appreciate it.

Haven’t had much of work with WordPress since my last post, well to be honest haven’t really been able to work that much with all the travelling .. but getting back to my normal lifestyle, so lets see how it goes .. more later ..