I was shocked when I tried accessing the blog earlier today, to find a 404 display. A quick login took me from "hhm weird" to "wth happened?". I was extremely surprised to see no posts, no categories, no nothing .. and I had no idea what had caused it.

It's at times like this that personally hosted/managed applications stand out from using externally managed applications. If the same had happened to a blog running WP on some hosted server, I could poke around or tried to find out what happened .. but not possible with this blog on WordPress.com.

After the initial shock mode, I decided to poke around, the support forums are always a great place to start checking out the general scene. Lo and Behold .. the first two posts confirmed that every single blog was not working, and everyone was screaming as loudly as their voice boxes (by this I really mean their keyboards and fingers) could manage.

So well now there was nothing that could be done, but to wait until folks around the world in their time zones woke up and started having a go at what was happening. And as expected, an hour or so later, the blog didn't display at all, but an explanatory message showed, excellent.

Now its all back and running again as usual, and looks like I lost nothing which is simply superb. Not that I would have lost an extreme amount of information or for that matter very important posts, I have very few posts still on the blog, but losing this would have ached though ..

Now I am happy, and beaming again that I lost nothing, I hope all other users are in the same emotional state .. for anyone else who lost some data, bad luck sh*t happens, I just hope that you didn't lose too much ..