I found out today that a WordPress theme that I ported for a client is online .. I don’t get to see much of my work out in the open on the internet, so I am quite happy about this one.

Take a look .. started out with unclean HTML design, and when I was done XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid and CSS valid .. but unfortunately seems like further changes were made to the code, and now its not validating either 😦 .. thats not too cool .. but oh well .. here’s the link to site .. Wedding Plan Secrets

What do you think eh? Pretty decent .. Haven’t really had much of WordPress work lately which sucks .. so anyone runs across this post, and wants to convert a HTML design to WordPress theme, give me a shout ..


Found out that another one of theme ports is being used online as well .. 🙂 .. yippie .. this one is even better looking than the first one in my opinion. Its a design by Andreas Vilkund and the original design is called andreas02

Its online here .. Surfarama