I got a domain and hosting in December, but never got around to actually put the site live with anything meaningful .. I have been wanting to finish off everything with the theme and some other customizations that I wanted to do before actually starting to use it ..

But I figured that I didn't want to wait forever for that to happen .. 😀 .. yeah, sometimes I can go wayward with my stuff ..

So here's what I did, I upgraded to latest version of WordPress, and put everything live, the theme is working fine, its just "not complete" according to what I have in mind for it, but oh well, no biggie ..

So now I have two cool (this obviously remains to be seen 😦 ) blogs, but I am going to refrain talking about WordPress on the other blog as much as possible, and leave other stuff to it, while I use this one for all WordPress related stuff .. thats the plan anyway, don't hold your breathe on it .. 😀

Take a look, and if someone actually does, I would appreciate any feedback .. you can find it here NameError .. 🙂