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I just finished porting another website design to a WordPress Theme. Looks quite nice, kudos to me .. 😀

I get so many of these Theme porting jobs, that I have been so quick with it nowadays. Barely takes me a day to finish up. I still think that I need to improve a bit though, mainly in the way that I use XHTML tags and containers.

I have never really been bent on using the standard WordPress "default" theme as the base. I for some reason prefer to use the theme I created for my other blog as the barebones skeleton and build on top it. I guess that is mainly because of the fact that I know my own code better 🙂

The guy has asked me to clean up his main website HTML as well after seeing the results of his new blog. Wonder how horrible it is going to be, the HTML looks pretty bad to me, I am not too fond of using tables to build the entire page, and then going deeper and deeper nesting tables everywhere, and the current HTML as it stands is just exactly this 😦

Take a look if you want, the site is live here Restaurant Recipes Blog , pretty good job eh ..

I seem to have mucked up with my own WordPress theme on my other blog, I seem to have forgotten to add the links/code for next/previous pages once the blog starts paging, I need to go get that done .. probably won't get done today, I have some other work that needs completing today ..

I wonder if its time for a theme change on this blog, I have to go see if there are some new offerings, haven't checked in some time ..

Update: I switched themes now .. 😀 .. Sapphire it is now, A professional two column theme with an "apple" feel from what it states on the Theme description ..

I like the theme quite a lot I think, One thing I don't like is the color of the visited links, could use a change with that .. but overall looks pretty neat ..


A new wedding based theme in the works again, following up on the first theme I ported for WeddingPlanSecrets, hoping to finish it up by tomorrow .. it should have been done by now, but the weekend was complete chaos, so things got messed up ..

This time though, I am creating the theme from scrath, except for the header image which was provided, so I can pretty much call it a completely new theme 🙂 created by me .. yay !! ..

Have been meaning to post about something here for so long now, but still haven't found the time to do it, hopefully by tomorrow things should settle down a bit, and I can concentrate on some other stuff .. I need to wrap up a couple of things by tomorrow, lets see how that goes ..

More soon ..