It’s been a very long time indeed since I last posted, to be accurate 4 months since my last post, that’s been the longest hibernation I have had with respect to this blog.

Most of the absence has been due to the trip I made to India. It was a good trip and a bad trip, just don’t know how to really feel about the trip anymore. It did make me a nervous wreck for over three weeks though in the end, which was an absolute disaster in entirety of the word.

I only got to come back to Stockholm last week, still trying to fix up my life here, oh dear lord, it just never ends you know .. somehow or the other there is always something that needs tending to .. bleech .. already so tired of life, and I am like just 23 now ..

The new slogan for this Generation should be something like: “25 is the new 50!!!!!” .. 😀

Work has suffered the most I think because of my trip and the other issues I had to battle, I kind of have no work at this moment, well technically I haven’t really had any work for the past three weeks or so .. 😦

I did get this one job for a WordPress theme though, so that was pretty nice. It turned out quite well too, the client was very pleased with the end result I would say. Here’s the link to the site: Bob Michaelian

So what do you think? Nice, neat and elegant, I feel .. 😉 … and if you want to be nice to me, agree with me and shower a few compliments my way .. 😀

If you are looking for someone to do WordPress related work, leave a comment and your email address where I can contact you, and I will get back to you asap .. 🙂