I just simply love WordPress.com … I have had this main wordpress.com blog for about 10 months more or less .. and I love it ..

So here’s what I did, why I did it comes later in the post, I went ahead and created two other blogs that I want to write in .. 🙂

Why I did it: because I just don’t feel right writing about all things that I want to write about in the same blog, I have this compulsion thing wanting to organize my things separately where they belong ..

So I created two other blogs, one to write about Life in general (nothing fancy or cheerful I am afraid ;)) and another one to write about my quest for academic success and therefore being a geek with my studies 😀

Check out the other two wordpress.com blogs from the Network section in the sidebar, one is called “All About Life” and the other one is “Me Geek” .. appropriate names don’t you think .. another one of my compulsions, naming convention .. 🙂

I am on the track for another WordPress theme project this week .. yay!!! .. post later about it ..