I have set it upon myself to do a new theme for NameError this past week. I like my current theme, but I feel sprucing it more into a nicer theme. I am sort of getting this feeling that its kinda dull for some reason, probably my color combination is getting sour .. šŸ˜¦

I have been working on a few WordPress projects this past week, and now I really can’t wait to do a new theme for my blog at NameError.

I was looking through different WordPress themes for some inspiration, and bingo I found the one I really really like .. šŸ˜€

MistyLook by Sadish Balasubramanian, it looks excellent … So I have decided I am going to use this as the backbone, but I will probably change a lot especially in terms of colors and text formatting.

I like the tabs at the top of the page and the search there, also the feed icons right above the header image. I might change the header image though to something else. I am definitely going to change the green base for links etc to something else, not sure what yet.

I really like the grey boxes for the side column, but I might decide to put my side panel on the left instead of the right. I have been having my side panels on the right until now, but now I feel like switching sides .. šŸ˜€

Yay … I am really excited about it .. I really hope I can get it done by the end of this weekend … I have a crap load of stuff to do next week .. I will rant about it in my other blog at Me Geek later .. šŸ˜¦