Another theme added to my collection of works .. yay!! .. 🙂

The theme is really good considering its totally different from all the other themes that I have worked on or created .. Almost all of my themes so far have been two column, with the exception of the Restaurant Recipes Blog which was three column .. but this new theme, three column in a twisted manner of speaking you can say.

Absolute positioning, fixed width, fluid height … and the result is surprisingly excellent by my own standards. When I started off on it, I wasn’t entirely confident about the whole thing, but the end result is superb I must say …

I am working on another WordPress theme/system, which I will rant about in a different post, well frankly because I was aghast with the circumstances when I was working on it … its a total shame about how I felt, but anyways more about it later ..

Coming back to this one, the website is something along the social networking lines but for a specific community, and the blog theme looks ravishing, both from my view point and the clients … 🙂

I had quite a few problems with making the fluid height thing work for the container in the back, but some tweaks with the z-index and tricky positioning values seems to have worked out pretty fine … I work exclusively on Firefox, and it looks excellent on it, and to maintain a decent level of cross-browser compatibility I use Firefox plugins to view IE Output inside Firefox, and it looks great there too …

If someone who uses other browsers sees this post, and cares to take a couple of minutes to check out the blog and the theme, and let me know about how it renders on your browser, I would greatly appreciate that .. 🙂

Take a look at the blog and the theme here: Yumcha Blog

Feedback and comments are most welcome .. actually look forward to hearing about it .. 😉

Will rant about the other project in a while .. maybe today or perhaps tomorrow depending on when I complete the entire system and install it on the destination server … Oh boy, its going to be a fun night for me I guess .. 😦