I have decided to create my first WordPress Plugin .. šŸ™‚ … unfortunately I cannot brag that it is unique or outstanding or anything along those lines, but it definitely should be helpful to some people I hope …

Why I am doing this is, I recently had to setup a WordPress system, very custom, not the normal 5 second install, and start blogging kind of thing, but a CMS sort of setup, with more focus on image galleries than on content.

So I went to the Plugins page on the WordPress Codex, looked around at different Image Gallery Management solutions, and I was just shocked, seriously, I was just dumbfounded by the state of affairs lets say. I tried to be nice and not try re-invent the wheel and all that, and I downloaded a few systems to test them out.

I gave ZenPhoto, and Gallery a shot first, at the end of it, I didn’t even feel like trying Coppermine anymore. ZenPhoto I didn’t like that much I must say, but compared to Gallery it was heaven. I got really mad at Gallery for some reason. I don’t know, its just way too much hassle to setup, maitain, and administer I feel. I am experienced enough with software to practically do anything I want with it, but I was getting annoyed with their admin backend, so I am not really sure how they expect someone who isn’t that tech-savvy to use it and actually get good use out of it …

At this point I just didn’t even want to try any other system out, and was thinking about just writing a gallery manager myself and incorporate it directly into WordPress, but then something came to me. I had used this really simple image management system on another WordPress blog for a client, so I decided to go with that and modify it to suit my needs for the current project. I am kind of glad I did this, the plugin is really nice in terms of doing what its supposed to do, NO excess baggage of any sort.

But its very barebones, so I still had to make a few modifications to plugin itself, plus do a lot more work on the WordPress theme files, which is not really nice unless one knows how to really fool around with theme files etc.

You can find the cool plugin here: WPIG

What I am trying to do now is, make a plugin like the above but with a few more features, so that you can actually manage galleries in a enhanced manner, and I am planning on integrating it to WordPress Pages in some manner.

I was thinking, instead of having to identify the gallery ID and putting that into the Page Content which is what you have to do with the Plugin as is, I could modify it so that, it would automatically create Gallery Pages when you add galleries maybe.

I haven’t exactly decided on the route I am taking yet, but I want to keep it minimal but yet enough to sustain a proper image gallery along with WordPress without having the need to have any other 3rd party software in the picture .. I will probably modify the administration pages as well to some extent, but not sure what I want to add/change and what to leave …

Unfortunately I am caught up with work all this week, so I won’t be able to concentrate on this until the end of the week, but I want to finish it off by the end of this week, since it is not really all that complicated, but lets see how it goes … šŸ™‚