I am really excited about the Image Gallery Plugin I am working on … its coming along really well, actually much better than I thought it would, to be honest about it ..

I have like no experience writing WordPress Plugins from scratch, so I was very wary about the whole thing, but not anymore, it seems I learn quicker than I thought 😀

I am trying to figure out some things with URL re-writes because frankly have query based urls only for the gallery would kill the whole joy of using it, I want it to work seamlessly, however you have setup WordPress, so there lies the problem of displaying the galleries and images and getting URL’s to work properly …

The documentation on rewrite rules hooks and filters isn’t that great, but enough to get somewhere, so I guess I am just going to have to wing it from there and rely more on testing it directly …

It’s pretty much done, so should be able to release it very soon, probably in the next two days, providing I don’t lose my mind and start doing something else like I did this past week … this Plugin project has driven to two other projects, don’t ask me about it now .. 😦

I even came up with a really cool name for the Plugin .. hehe .. nope not telling now .. but you will find out soon, if you read this blog anyway .. 🙂