It’s been, I don’t know, I think around a month or even more than a month since I posted. Sort of been going through a rough, dry or whatever patch you want to call it.

I did a couple of theme ports though in the last couple of months, so figured I would come gloat about it .. 😀

Another wedding based theme port to perfection by your truly .. 🙂 .. It was a fun job, this one, I liked their design a lot, and also got the chance to create a new plugin and incorporate that into the blog .. turned out pretty satisfying, all in all.

Go have a look here: HitWeddings Blog

Looks like no posts have been made yet, so might not fully show off the theme, but you will at least get to check it out!!

The other was a lot more work, and a even nicer theme I must say. Although I do not necessarily agree with all the elements used in the design, overall it is a very nice design, sort of web 2.0-ish you could say. This one was more tricky though, because the website has a weird setup where the front page of the domain get landed on the WordPress blog index, and they had some special requirements for the domain front page as compared to the normal blog index, so had to cut in with a hack to make it happen.

If you are in San Diego, you should definitely follow the website, afterall it is all about San Diego and people based there!

Go have a peek at this one now: Web San Diego

Pretty sweet eh .. I know, I rock .. 🙂 .. ok fine, I will go back to being the modest, nice little chap I am now since I don’t have anything more to gloat about!

Things still not looking so great with the job search, a couple of prospects, but the Work Authorization rules seriously are killing me .. 😦 .. so if you know of a job, look at my previous post for more details, and the firm is willing to be altruistic and sponsor a Work Visa for me, well what are you waiting for, leave me a comment and I will get back to you asap!!