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It’s been, I don’t know, I think around a month or even more than a month since I posted. Sort of been going through a rough, dry or whatever patch you want to call it.

I did a couple of theme ports though in the last couple of months, so figured I would come gloat about it .. 😀

Another wedding based theme port to perfection by your truly .. 🙂 .. It was a fun job, this one, I liked their design a lot, and also got the chance to create a new plugin and incorporate that into the blog .. turned out pretty satisfying, all in all.

Go have a look here: HitWeddings Blog

Looks like no posts have been made yet, so might not fully show off the theme, but you will at least get to check it out!!

The other was a lot more work, and a even nicer theme I must say. Although I do not necessarily agree with all the elements used in the design, overall it is a very nice design, sort of web 2.0-ish you could say. This one was more tricky though, because the website has a weird setup where the front page of the domain get landed on the WordPress blog index, and they had some special requirements for the domain front page as compared to the normal blog index, so had to cut in with a hack to make it happen.

If you are in San Diego, you should definitely follow the website, afterall it is all about San Diego and people based there!

Go have a peek at this one now: Web San Diego

Pretty sweet eh .. I know, I rock .. 🙂 .. ok fine, I will go back to being the modest, nice little chap I am now since I don’t have anything more to gloat about!

Things still not looking so great with the job search, a couple of prospects, but the Work Authorization rules seriously are killing me .. 😦 .. so if you know of a job, look at my previous post for more details, and the firm is willing to be altruistic and sponsor a Work Visa for me, well what are you waiting for, leave me a comment and I will get back to you asap!!


I have been thinking quite a bit about where I am heading and I have been trying to come up with some decisions, and I have kind of decided on a few things over the past couple of days …

I have realized that the current Master’s program that I am enrolled under does not seriously interest or suit me enough to justify my continuing it. Moreover it is becoming a burden in trying to study and make a living at the same time doing freelance work, simply because of time constraints and the pay involved with most freelance odd jobs ..

Therefore I am on a full fledged job hunt right now. I really love programming, and I figured that I should do what interests me rather than trying to worry about solving matrix problems using MatLab. No offense to matrix algebra or MatLab, its just that it’s not my thing I guess!!

So if you read this post and know of any jobs available, I would be really grateful if you could point it out to me. I have listed below what I deem to be my skill-set and would love it if you could let me know of any jobs that you know about based on my skill-set.

  • PHP/MySQL : Advanced
  • Python [wxPython & Tk] : Advanced
  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails : Beginner – Intermediate
  • Perl : Beginner
  • Java : Beginner
  • XHTML : Advanced
  • CSS : Advanced
  • AJAX/Javascript : Intermediate – Advanced

Apart from this I have extensive experience with some of the Open Source applications and have worked with them a lot:

  • WordPress : Advanced
  • OsCommerce/ZenCart : Beginner – Intermediate
  • phpBB : Beginner – Intermediate
  • Gallery : Beginner – Intermediate

If you do know of some available positions, please feel free to leave a comment with your email address and I will get back to you ASAP!!

I have no constraints on where the job is located, as long as I can get some assistance with Work Permits/Visas, but this is secondary right now.

I greatly appreciate your reading through this post, and would appreciate it even more if you could help me out a bit 🙂

Been quite a while since I found some time to post here .. has been an absolutely hectic month or so now unfortunately 😦

As more time passes by, I am digging myself deeper into the what the heck am I doing and where the hell am I heading towards mode … the problem is I can’t find the time or force myself to focus on the bigger picture and chart out some kind of plan to tackle life, if you will .. oh well I will rant about it somewhere else not on this blog!!

I finished an extremely simple plugin yesterday, my first “real” plugin that is actually being used … so kudos to me .. 😀

I also got my a larger WordPress project, quite elaborate so that will take sometime to finish .. but I am moving along quite nicely … I have to build quite a few plugins to accommadate all the features required by the client, and one of them is already done .. ta-ta-da .. 🙂

The plugin is pretty nice actually, its a content grabber plugin which basically allows you to setup a bunch of websites and email addresses that you want, and it will grab content from them periodically or as a one-off action … and its working pretty nicely .. have two more plugins to finish and then the first phase of the project will be out of the way.

Also did some work recently in customizing a bunch of things, very minor though, for a client. You can find the blog here: Jim Bernard !

I still have to finish up work on my blog over at NameError, but I can find no time to fit that in somehow .. I really have to force myself to wrap things up there, I am getting quite frustrated about leaving it hanging .. 😦

Stay tuned for WordPress stuff soon, its gonna be break time soon in terms of school, so hoping to find a lot of time to finish up the Image Gallery plugin etc

As of now, I am officially the Top WordPress Programmer on Scriptlance … woohoo .. 🙂

I just found this out, they made a change to their review system and now rank programmers according to various factors, and I was looking to see where I was ranked in, and lo and behold, I am at the top for the WordPress category … yay!!!!

Go here to see me rule the WordPress rankings: Top WordPress Programmers

And take a look here for my overall ranks and profile on Scriptlance : Skulled

I could do a lot better under PHP, Javascript and the overall rank I guess .. but oh well .. pretty good ranks in XHTML & CSS as well .. so kinda feel good about the whole thing .. 😀

So if you want WordPress work done, you know who to come to … 😀