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I kind of finished my new theme for NameError … I must say I am really satisfied with the outcome. I like this new version a lot better than NameError V1 .. I get the feeling that this one is a bit more upbeat and colorful than the last one …

Well technically speaking I wanted it to be more colorful and upbeat, so obviously I succeeded in my goal of making it so .. I liked V1 quite a lot too .. but for some reason I started feeling that it was rather dull, especially the color pallete didn’t as much catch my fancy after a couple of months of using it ..

NameError V2 was inspired by MistyLook by Sadish Balasubramanian … although it does not feature the options page in the Presentation Admin like MistyLook does, and is not as widgetized perhaps .. or to be rather accurate is not widgetized .. 😀

Most of the pages are not done yet though, so a lot of broken links with regard to the Pages .. 😉 … I came up with this Quickies concept based on the “Asides” technique from Matt I believe … it is quite possible that mine is more of a hack than a proper implementation, but I figured as long as it gets the job done, and since I am the only one going to be using the theme, I didn’t have to worry about coding it directly into the theme .. 😀

And what I did was in the end to create a page template for the Quickies section, and I just display all the Quickies in a page .. kinda like what I did with it ..

Well I like this theme a lot, so I think it will adorn my WordPress for quite a while at least until I come up with some better idea to make it even more kick-ass .. 🙂

NameError Reloaded it is from now on .. I want to post more there, but I don’t get that much time nowadays .. but I am trying to make it a point to start posting regularly there .. lets see how that goes .. until then all of you go over to NameError and adore my new theme and then praise me on a job well done .. 😀


I have set it upon myself to do a new theme for NameError this past week. I like my current theme, but I feel sprucing it more into a nicer theme. I am sort of getting this feeling that its kinda dull for some reason, probably my color combination is getting sour .. 😦

I have been working on a few WordPress projects this past week, and now I really can’t wait to do a new theme for my blog at NameError.

I was looking through different WordPress themes for some inspiration, and bingo I found the one I really really like .. 😀

MistyLook by Sadish Balasubramanian, it looks excellent … So I have decided I am going to use this as the backbone, but I will probably change a lot especially in terms of colors and text formatting.

I like the tabs at the top of the page and the search there, also the feed icons right above the header image. I might change the header image though to something else. I am definitely going to change the green base for links etc to something else, not sure what yet.

I really like the grey boxes for the side column, but I might decide to put my side panel on the left instead of the right. I have been having my side panels on the right until now, but now I feel like switching sides .. 😀

Yay … I am really excited about it .. I really hope I can get it done by the end of this weekend … I have a crap load of stuff to do next week .. I will rant about it in my other blog at Me Geek later .. 😦

I just simply love … I have had this main blog for about 10 months more or less .. and I love it ..

So here’s what I did, why I did it comes later in the post, I went ahead and created two other blogs that I want to write in .. 🙂

Why I did it: because I just don’t feel right writing about all things that I want to write about in the same blog, I have this compulsion thing wanting to organize my things separately where they belong ..

So I created two other blogs, one to write about Life in general (nothing fancy or cheerful I am afraid ;)) and another one to write about my quest for academic success and therefore being a geek with my studies 😀

Check out the other two blogs from the Network section in the sidebar, one is called “All About Life” and the other one is “Me Geek” .. appropriate names don’t you think .. another one of my compulsions, naming convention .. 🙂

I am on the track for another WordPress theme project this week .. yay!!! .. post later about it ..