Another theme added to my collection of works .. yay!! .. 🙂

The theme is really good considering its totally different from all the other themes that I have worked on or created .. Almost all of my themes so far have been two column, with the exception of the Restaurant Recipes Blog which was three column .. but this new theme, three column in a twisted manner of speaking you can say.

Absolute positioning, fixed width, fluid height … and the result is surprisingly excellent by my own standards. When I started off on it, I wasn’t entirely confident about the whole thing, but the end result is superb I must say …

I am working on another WordPress theme/system, which I will rant about in a different post, well frankly because I was aghast with the circumstances when I was working on it … its a total shame about how I felt, but anyways more about it later ..

Coming back to this one, the website is something along the social networking lines but for a specific community, and the blog theme looks ravishing, both from my view point and the clients … 🙂

I had quite a few problems with making the fluid height thing work for the container in the back, but some tweaks with the z-index and tricky positioning values seems to have worked out pretty fine … I work exclusively on Firefox, and it looks excellent on it, and to maintain a decent level of cross-browser compatibility I use Firefox plugins to view IE Output inside Firefox, and it looks great there too …

If someone who uses other browsers sees this post, and cares to take a couple of minutes to check out the blog and the theme, and let me know about how it renders on your browser, I would greatly appreciate that .. 🙂

Take a look at the blog and the theme here: Yumcha Blog

Feedback and comments are most welcome .. actually look forward to hearing about it .. 😉

Will rant about the other project in a while .. maybe today or perhaps tomorrow depending on when I complete the entire system and install it on the destination server … Oh boy, its going to be a fun night for me I guess .. 😦


I have set it upon myself to do a new theme for NameError this past week. I like my current theme, but I feel sprucing it more into a nicer theme. I am sort of getting this feeling that its kinda dull for some reason, probably my color combination is getting sour .. 😦

I have been working on a few WordPress projects this past week, and now I really can’t wait to do a new theme for my blog at NameError.

I was looking through different WordPress themes for some inspiration, and bingo I found the one I really really like .. 😀

MistyLook by Sadish Balasubramanian, it looks excellent … So I have decided I am going to use this as the backbone, but I will probably change a lot especially in terms of colors and text formatting.

I like the tabs at the top of the page and the search there, also the feed icons right above the header image. I might change the header image though to something else. I am definitely going to change the green base for links etc to something else, not sure what yet.

I really like the grey boxes for the side column, but I might decide to put my side panel on the left instead of the right. I have been having my side panels on the right until now, but now I feel like switching sides .. 😀

Yay … I am really excited about it .. I really hope I can get it done by the end of this weekend … I have a crap load of stuff to do next week .. I will rant about it in my other blog at Me Geek later .. 😦

I just simply love … I have had this main blog for about 10 months more or less .. and I love it ..

So here’s what I did, why I did it comes later in the post, I went ahead and created two other blogs that I want to write in .. 🙂

Why I did it: because I just don’t feel right writing about all things that I want to write about in the same blog, I have this compulsion thing wanting to organize my things separately where they belong ..

So I created two other blogs, one to write about Life in general (nothing fancy or cheerful I am afraid ;)) and another one to write about my quest for academic success and therefore being a geek with my studies 😀

Check out the other two blogs from the Network section in the sidebar, one is called “All About Life” and the other one is “Me Geek” .. appropriate names don’t you think .. another one of my compulsions, naming convention .. 🙂

I am on the track for another WordPress theme project this week .. yay!!! .. post later about it ..

It’s been a very long time indeed since I last posted, to be accurate 4 months since my last post, that’s been the longest hibernation I have had with respect to this blog.

Most of the absence has been due to the trip I made to India. It was a good trip and a bad trip, just don’t know how to really feel about the trip anymore. It did make me a nervous wreck for over three weeks though in the end, which was an absolute disaster in entirety of the word.

I only got to come back to Stockholm last week, still trying to fix up my life here, oh dear lord, it just never ends you know .. somehow or the other there is always something that needs tending to .. bleech .. already so tired of life, and I am like just 23 now ..

The new slogan for this Generation should be something like: “25 is the new 50!!!!!” .. 😀

Work has suffered the most I think because of my trip and the other issues I had to battle, I kind of have no work at this moment, well technically I haven’t really had any work for the past three weeks or so .. 😦

I did get this one job for a WordPress theme though, so that was pretty nice. It turned out quite well too, the client was very pleased with the end result I would say. Here’s the link to the site: Bob Michaelian

So what do you think? Nice, neat and elegant, I feel .. 😉 … and if you want to be nice to me, agree with me and shower a few compliments my way .. 😀

If you are looking for someone to do WordPress related work, leave a comment and your email address where I can contact you, and I will get back to you asap .. 🙂

I just finished porting another website design to a WordPress Theme. Looks quite nice, kudos to me .. 😀

I get so many of these Theme porting jobs, that I have been so quick with it nowadays. Barely takes me a day to finish up. I still think that I need to improve a bit though, mainly in the way that I use XHTML tags and containers.

I have never really been bent on using the standard WordPress "default" theme as the base. I for some reason prefer to use the theme I created for my other blog as the barebones skeleton and build on top it. I guess that is mainly because of the fact that I know my own code better 🙂

The guy has asked me to clean up his main website HTML as well after seeing the results of his new blog. Wonder how horrible it is going to be, the HTML looks pretty bad to me, I am not too fond of using tables to build the entire page, and then going deeper and deeper nesting tables everywhere, and the current HTML as it stands is just exactly this 😦

Take a look if you want, the site is live here Restaurant Recipes Blog , pretty good job eh ..

I seem to have mucked up with my own WordPress theme on my other blog, I seem to have forgotten to add the links/code for next/previous pages once the blog starts paging, I need to go get that done .. probably won't get done today, I have some other work that needs completing today ..

I wonder if its time for a theme change on this blog, I have to go see if there are some new offerings, haven't checked in some time ..

Update: I switched themes now .. 😀 .. Sapphire it is now, A professional two column theme with an "apple" feel from what it states on the Theme description ..

I like the theme quite a lot I think, One thing I don't like is the color of the visited links, could use a change with that .. but overall looks pretty neat ..

A new wedding based theme in the works again, following up on the first theme I ported for WeddingPlanSecrets, hoping to finish it up by tomorrow .. it should have been done by now, but the weekend was complete chaos, so things got messed up ..

This time though, I am creating the theme from scrath, except for the header image which was provided, so I can pretty much call it a completely new theme 🙂 created by me .. yay !! ..

Have been meaning to post about something here for so long now, but still haven't found the time to do it, hopefully by tomorrow things should settle down a bit, and I can concentrate on some other stuff .. I need to wrap up a couple of things by tomorrow, lets see how that goes ..

More soon ..

I have seen a lot of programs, scripts etc that seem to offer you the possibility of creating upto a 1000 blogs in under a minute and what not to create massive blog domains for ad serving and revenue purposes.

Recently though I actually had the oportunity to look at one of these scripts, and all I can say is, what a piss poor job they did of creating a system like that. Database usage is inefficient by all standards. Core hack of the WordPress install files, option settings etc.

This brought out the idea, if you were really interested in creating a hundred blogs and filling them up with content from plug-ins or other feed based content pullers etc, wouldn’t it be a lot better option for you to download WordPress MU, and write a single file which will create as many users/blogs as you want.

I haven’t had the chance to look at how WordPress MU uses the database, but I am guessing in a far better way than those massive multiple blogging scripts. And obviously publishing content periodically would be a lot easier too I am guessing across all the blogs that you wish to have.

It’s quite possible that I am missing something and thus make my idea not feasible, but I definitely want to take a look at WordPress MU, just to play around with it and see what it does and how it does what it does .. 😀

I got a domain and hosting in December, but never got around to actually put the site live with anything meaningful .. I have been wanting to finish off everything with the theme and some other customizations that I wanted to do before actually starting to use it ..

But I figured that I didn't want to wait forever for that to happen .. 😀 .. yeah, sometimes I can go wayward with my stuff ..

So here's what I did, I upgraded to latest version of WordPress, and put everything live, the theme is working fine, its just "not complete" according to what I have in mind for it, but oh well, no biggie ..

So now I have two cool (this obviously remains to be seen 😦 ) blogs, but I am going to refrain talking about WordPress on the other blog as much as possible, and leave other stuff to it, while I use this one for all WordPress related stuff .. thats the plan anyway, don't hold your breathe on it .. 😀

Take a look, and if someone actually does, I would appreciate any feedback .. you can find it here NameError .. 🙂

I found out today that a WordPress theme that I ported for a client is online .. I don’t get to see much of my work out in the open on the internet, so I am quite happy about this one.

Take a look .. started out with unclean HTML design, and when I was done XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid and CSS valid .. but unfortunately seems like further changes were made to the code, and now its not validating either 😦 .. thats not too cool .. but oh well .. here’s the link to site .. Wedding Plan Secrets

What do you think eh? Pretty decent .. Haven’t really had much of WordPress work lately which sucks .. so anyone runs across this post, and wants to convert a HTML design to WordPress theme, give me a shout ..


Found out that another one of theme ports is being used online as well .. 🙂 .. yippie .. this one is even better looking than the first one in my opinion. Its a design by Andreas Vilkund and the original design is called andreas02

Its online here .. Surfarama

I was shocked when I tried accessing the blog earlier today, to find a 404 display. A quick login took me from "hhm weird" to "wth happened?". I was extremely surprised to see no posts, no categories, no nothing .. and I had no idea what had caused it.

It's at times like this that personally hosted/managed applications stand out from using externally managed applications. If the same had happened to a blog running WP on some hosted server, I could poke around or tried to find out what happened .. but not possible with this blog on

After the initial shock mode, I decided to poke around, the support forums are always a great place to start checking out the general scene. Lo and Behold .. the first two posts confirmed that every single blog was not working, and everyone was screaming as loudly as their voice boxes (by this I really mean their keyboards and fingers) could manage.

So well now there was nothing that could be done, but to wait until folks around the world in their time zones woke up and started having a go at what was happening. And as expected, an hour or so later, the blog didn't display at all, but an explanatory message showed, excellent.

Now its all back and running again as usual, and looks like I lost nothing which is simply superb. Not that I would have lost an extreme amount of information or for that matter very important posts, I have very few posts still on the blog, but losing this would have ached though ..

Now I am happy, and beaming again that I lost nothing, I hope all other users are in the same emotional state .. for anyone else who lost some data, bad luck sh*t happens, I just hope that you didn't lose too much ..